Service Oriented Framework For Analysis


SODOP(Service Oriented Detection Of Patterns) if an extension of the SODA Approach to consider the detection of SOA patterns and consists in the following contributions:

1. Through a thorough domain analysis based on the SOA literrature, we extracted the most common and recurrent good design practices in service based systems and we categorized them.

2. This analysis resulted in the specification of five SOA patterns, these are listed on the following page : SOA Patterns List.

3. Specifying the appropriate rule cards was unfortunately not straightforward because they required us to extend the existing SODA approach. Thus, we improved the grammar as well as we added eight new dynamic metrics to the suite.


We perform the experiments on two different service-based SCA systems, i.e., Home-Automation and FraSCAti.

Results on Home-Automation

Home-Automation has been developed independently for controlling remotely many basic household functions for elderly homecare support. It includes 13 services with a set of 7 predefined use-case scenarios for executing it at runtime. All the predefined scenarios are described in the Resources page. The SCA design of Home-Automation is given below.

SCA diagram of Home-Automation original version

The table below presents the results for the detection of the five SOA patterns on Home-Automation.



Results on FraSCAti

FraSCAti is itself implemented as an SCA system composed of 13 SCA composites, for a total of 91 SCA components, with 130 provided services. FraSCAti is the largest SCA system currently freely available. It is an open source implementation of the SCA standard, and supports components implementation with different technologies (BPEL, Java, Spring, OSGi, and Java supported languages, etc.) and also multiple binding technologies for communication between components (i.e., RMI, SOAP, REST, JSON, JNA, and UPnP). Like Home-Automation, in FraSCAti we define a set of 6 scenarios and execute them to perform the detection. More details on FraSCAti design are also available on the FraSCAti Web site.

In particular, more about the detailed architecture of FraSCAti can be found on architecture page. And, detailed description on FraSCAti can be found on FraSCAti user-guide page.

The table below presents the results for the detection of the five SOA patterns on the FraSCAti itself.



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